Mesda is professional Crawler Mobile crusher manufacturer which has the advantage of technology development.

√ Movable (crawler track movement)

√ Application for different jobsite(easy transit)

√ Rapid service respond and maintenance

√ Low investment (save the invest to the sewer foundation)

√ Short investment return time((high production)

√ Simple operation (wireless operation + remote control)

√ Decrease the cost of product (feeding at site)

√ Rental purpose(extra profit of rental at the spare time of your own production)

Comparison of MESDA and tire mobile Crusher and screening equipment



MESDA crawler mobile Crusher station

Vehicle-mounted mobile Crusher station

The transfer of the equipment is easy and fast. There are professional trailers on the market and they are on call, without involving illegal modification.

Vehicles are illegally refitted. Traffic and road administration often intercept them. It will be very troublesome if there is a traffic accident.

It is easy to move on site. The motility of short distance mobile is strong and it is equipped with strong power itself.

It is inconvenient to move in the field. As the power is insufficient, it needs other mechanical and human assistance to move in the field.

Heavy crawler chassis, stable and solid when working, good stability.

Poor stability, (when working) the tires can not bear for a long time and frequently being compressed. The hydraulic roof problems will be found frequently.

The overall structure is reasonable, simple, compact and has an artistic sense of the times.

The overall structure is not compact enough, the frame design does not accord with the principles of mechanics.

Crusher equipment adopts the latest technology nowadays. It has the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency, good stability, etc.

The Crusher equipment still uses old-fashioned equipment, which is bulky and inefficient.

The overall price of the equipment is reasonable.

The overall equipment price is not low, and the tractor traction cost of the work platform and equipment transportation is not low either.

Transport vehicles can be rented. If you have your own vehicle, you can rent it out or use it to pull goods.

Low utilization of tractor traction, resulting in vehicle waste.






Comparison of MESDA crawler mobile Crusher and screening equipment

and stationary Crusher and screening equipment



MESDA mobile equipment

Fixed equipment

The mobile Crusher station equipment of MESDA can be put into use for a short period of time and generates profits more quickly (the equipment production cycle is 35 days).

It needs to be fixed with solid concrete foundation, which requires large investment and long cycle (3-6 months). The capital invested in the foundation cannot be recovered, and the project completion site needs to be re-cultivated.

MESDA mobile Crusher equipment can enter the field at any time and quickly enter the production state.

Longer installation and debugging time (15-30 days) needed.

The production cost of MESDA mobile Crusher station is low and can be moved at any time. It minimizes the supporting construction machinery, such as material transfer vehicles (short-haul transportation costs) through the principle of material proximity to the maximum extent.

A lot of supporting construction machinery and vehicles are required, and the production cost is greatly increased (excavators, forklifts and stone vehicles).

The mobile Crusher station equipment is easy to move and can be quickly put into production at other sites. Its environmental adaptability is strong and the production can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

The equipment transfer is difficult, the process needs to be rectified, and all civil works need to be scrapped. The foundation construction is repeated, and the investment is huge.

The value of the old equipment of MESDA mobile Crusher station can be maintained (maintain the value of the whole machine, the equipment is advanced, easy to transfer and the price is high).

The deterioration rate of the entire production line is high. Generally, only the main crusher can be transferred as second-hand equipment, and the transfer price is low.

Crawler support equipment can move from uneven ground to working position, and the stable ground does not require additional support equipment.

Site preparation requires preparation of a flat site with concrete base and compacted rock surface.

The output of the whole production line is equivalent to that of fixed equipment, and the power consumption of mobile equipment can be reduced compared with that of fixed equipment.

The power consumption of equipment in the whole production line is large.

The power of MESDA mobile Crusher equipment can adopt oil and electricity dual-purpose power mode. The power sources are diverse.

Power needs to ensure the supply of electricity. In remote areas, it is necessary to build a substation or generator to cooperate with the use of motor.

The whole production line only needs 4 people to operate.

The whole production line needs 10 people to cooperate.

Domestic brands, the after-sales of the machine and equipment can be guaranteed. The parts and wearing parts are uniformly managed, which is convenient to maintain and can save daily maintenance costs.

The machine parts are not uniform and the daily maintenance cost is high. Foreign brands are also facing problems such as long arrival time of after-sales parts, and even the need to book and import parts and deal with import customs clearance.