The working and application status of Mesda mining machinery and equipment in the field.


In March 2016, a blasting company in Liuzhou purchased a set of MC-1600HS crawler mobile crushing station from Mesda Company. The equipment was used in the second phase construction project of a hospital in Liuzhou City, Guangxi. If it was treated according to the routine method, more than 100,000 square meters of stone would be blasted and transported to 30 kilometers for stacking and processing. The transportation cost of stone would be huge. Da Meista recommended the use of mobile crushing equipment. Blasting stones can be treated in situ and processed in situ for use or sale. The equipment purchased by customers is the new MC-1600HS of Mesda Company, which processes 250-300 tons per hour. In the early stage, the stone is processed into a mixture of 0-40mm for the use of road water-stabilized layer. In the use of MC-1600HS, the equipment is equipped with automatic spraying system to avoid dust flying in the site, so as to make the construction site more environmentally friendly and humane.

In April 2016, the customized mobile screening equipment of Mesda will also be put into use. At that time, four kinds of finished product specifications, 0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 10-30 mm, can be screened out. The different materials screened out can be used for road construction of hospitals and can be sold to the market at the same time. Customers use the mobile screening equipment of Mesda. It not only saves the cost of the project, but also creates more profits.


Here's a picture of the finished material taken on the spot.